Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Give the Lady a Ride. By Linda Yezak

When Patricia Talbert comes to Texas, she’s hoping to get in and get

out. Sell the ranch with little trouble and no strings attached.

Unfortunately for her plans, she becomes interested. Not only in the

beautiful country, but in the foreman of the ranch that used to belong

to her Uncle Jake.

Still, she’s not about to interrupt her prosperous city life where she is

the daughter of a senator, and also his social coordinator.

Besides, after finding out how many of her friends in New York are

only her friends in order to be close to her father, she’s not ready to take on any new

relationships. Especially risking her heart for the second time.

Talon Carlson was raised by Jake and thought of him as a father. His one hope now is that

Patricia might not sell the ranch.

Before long those hopes are dashed. Can he make it through the pain surrounding not only her

heart, but his?

Finally, Patricia issues a challenge to buy some time.

“Teach me how to ride bulls.”

Can they get beyond the hostility that marks the beginning of their relationship, and find trust

and love again?

Linda Yezak pulls you from your surroundings, and places you in the middle of a Texas cow

town. Where men still hold the doors open for ladies, and cowboys ride bulls. Not to test what

kind of men they are, but just for the ride.

This book kept me reading. The heroine has enough uncertainty to make you wonder if there’s

time in the book to make the decisions she’ll be forced to, and the hero has the good qualities

with the quick temper to match.

I look forward to reading more by this author from the state of Texas, who isn’t afraid to spin

new tales.