Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Review: Tugger's Down, by Tommie Lyn

When Tiffany and Olivia play with a Ouija board,

they have no idea what they're messing with.

But they soon find out, when Olivia is killed by the

demon that inhabits the board, who has been

waiting for victims. Olivia's unborn son, Tucker, is

attacked by the demon, and resists.

Now, three years later, Tucker is quickly becoming

too weak to fight the continual onslaughts of

the enemy. Especially in the emotionally starved environment he's been raised in. The only

person who loves little "Tugger" is Miss Lambert, his nanny. In an effort to save his life, he's

sent to Florida. The doctor hopes the change of weather will help his frail hold on life to gain


Lacey Cochran is a struggling college student. But her main irritation in the day-to-day is Porter

O'Brien. He not only is cocky and arrogant, but he also took the last seat in an important class,

and keeps causing accidents. But there is something about him that makes Lacey take a second

glance. And, obeying the Christian principles she has accepted for her own, she forgives him.

When Tucker meets Lacey he realizes that he's safe with her. Something about her keeps the

demon, who Tucker calls Nudger, away. And when he visits her church with her, he realizes that

he needs what she has.

But back home trouble is brewing as Tiffany and her sister, Heather look again at the cause of all

the pain. The Ouija board that belonged to their grandmother. Nudger takes over Heathers

body, killing Tiffany, and begins the quest to hunt Tugger down.

Can Lacey, Porter, and Miss Lambert keep Tugger safe? Or will he be taken by the spirit who

has been searching to take him since before he was born?

Tommie Lyn brings a small child to life in a way that will make you love him, and empathize

with his struggles. If you like supernatural thrillers, this is a book that will cause chills to race up your spine. And I have to say, it's another great book by Tommie Lyn.