Thursday, May 12, 2011

Little Miracles. Or are they?

The other day God really brought me up short. I was having a normal day. Talking to Mom about Avon, and just staying busy generally. And then Nathan came running inside shouting
"Look outside!!!!"
When we did, we saw one of the rarest sights that I know of. I've only heard of this happening once or maybe twice before.
It was a fire cloud. It looked exactly like a rainbow, only there was no bow. Just part of a cloud that was colored beautifully.
I'm so glad God let me see that. Too often I find my attention being drawn away from God by the little things that get on my nerves, or by noise, or by just about anything that I really don't like, or that I really do.
But God doesn't want attention from me that is divided with other things. He wants me to focus on Him. And He let me see a phenomenon that really touched my heart.

The pictures don't do it justice. lol.