Friday, March 2, 2012

Book Review: The Shadowed Valley. By Y. I. Lee

After a fire takes her mother and assumed father, Celia finds herself traveling to a dreary place called Greyache House. When she arrives, only a cold reception is waiting. The lady of the house and the butler are both dark, fearsome characters, and the only comfort to be found is in Mary, a maid.

Before long, Mary sends Celia on a quest. With a talking horse as a companion, Celia sets off on a life changing journey through The Shadowed Valley. Along the way, she will make friends, face dangers, and ultimately, choose between faith and doubt. Can Celia live through the hazards of a journey that tests her to the limits of her strength? And can she trust the companions who come to her along the way?

Find out in The Shadowed Valley, an adventure-filled book for young teens and those who still are at heart.

I was enamored with this story because of the depth of imagination used in the writing of it. A rocking horse coming to life, true villains who fill your heart with horror at times, and people who though lovable, fail at times. Like real life, people fail but the book promises a hope beyond failure.

Y. I. Lee is a talented author with more books on the way. I can hardly wait to read more of her work.