Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sowing Seeds

When I was little, one of my homework assignments was to write a story. I really don't remember what I was supposed to write, except maybe that it had to do with bringing people to church. Maybe. Anyway, I can remember staring at that piece of paper, and honestly believing I couldn't write that story. I also remember my Mom sitting next to me, thinking out loud with ideas and words that I could use. Right now, looking at that story, I can laugh at the misspellings, the bad grammar, and all the little things that could never work. But my Mom planted in me a seed to write. I doubt she remembers that homework assignment, although I'm pretty sure she remembers the terrible and mysterious "Wahanee and the great big storm" which had my model horse as a hero. When my Mom helped me write that, it was not just the one-on-one time that I craved. It was sacrificing of her time and lots of energy to help me be fulfilled. It was the encouragement of hearing her say "That's a good idea, can we put it here?" It was the fact that she was never impatient, or in a huge hurry to get things done. Those aren't just good memories. They are a basis for my writing now. My Mom sowed seeds in me. Of writing, of patience, of sacrifice. Do you all have a person in your life who inspired you to do the best you can? Or inspired you to do what you're doing now?


  1. I have such a passion for horses that when I was 8 or 9 yrs old my parents paid for riding lessons. The instructor was a woman named Marlene, I still remember her pounding into my brain"sit up straight, toes in heals down".She conditioned my body to ride as well as my soul and taught me how to be a responsible horsewoman.
    I am now 48 and over the years had remembered Marlene.
    I was watching a documentary on History channel last yr on old historical homes in Wisconsin( where I was from) and they did a part on an old home called the Octagon house. The owner of this home is Marlene. I recognized her immediately. I found she had a website and I took a chance and called her. not only did she remember the little 8 yr old, she has since kept in contact as I finally acquired my dream of having horses back in my life. I still have my teacher!

  2. My parents. Through the years they have never given up on me, even though I have deserved it.

    I have a bad habit of not finishing projects, I can start with great excitment, get halfway through and give up. Through it all my mom has gently pushed me along until I got done with it. Also horses. I and Banjo had wanted a horse for a very long time, our parents and grandparents pooled together and got all of us one that was due to foal. Training the colt has really helped me to see how we are with God. Terrible. :) Anyway, here I have a whole sermon going, sorry.

  3. Wow Bo, that one made me cry... who is your mother anyway???? love you bugs

  4. Redskyfarm: That is GREAT! I love it when people influence our lives like that! So glad you had someone to help you with that! And so glad you found her again! :)

    Hannah: Have to agree with you there, for myself as well. And no worries about the sermon! ;)

    Jlongwell: My mom deserved every word of this! I love her and respect her, and I'm so glad she's YOU!!

  5. Bo, you are blessed to have such a mother! I can only hope I am as great an encouragement to my three daughters, all of whom are great at fiction writing.

    I don't know who ignited the flame of desire to write, or who even suggested I had any ability to write. Certainly I never got good grades for composition throughout my school years. I was a bookworm... and I think it was a book that ignited that flame.

    In general, though, my Gr.5 teacher gave me a belief in myself that no one had up till that point. A belief that I was special... really worth something. And once I did start writing, my mom was intrigued, and encouraged me to keep it up.

  6. Willena, thanks so much for the comment! It's wonderful when a teacher see's that talent in someone that no one admits is there. That is great that you had that teacher, and that your mom caught on! :)