Friday, July 30, 2010

Stories of Mexico

In 2008 I went on a trip that changed my life. Deep into the heart of Chihuahua State, Mexico. After you get through the border, you have to travel around 4 hours to get to Chihuahua city. From there, you go to Cuatemoc, and from there further into the depths of the Copper Canyon, The largest canyon in Mexico. We finally got to Sante Isobel (the town after Cuatemoc) around 2:00 in the afternoon. We decided to stop for the ice cream bars we'd heard so much about. Having three vans filled mostly with teenagers, doesn't make things go very fast. It took us about fifteen or thirty minutes to get everyone back in the vans with ice cream bars. Going on our way, we made it to the next town in around an hour and a half, from what I remember. We had barely crossed into city limits, when we saw members of the police and Mexican army standing along the street. We wondered what was going on, especially since they all had bandanas across their faces, masking their identity. Driving slowly along, we passed a car with a dead man in it. A shot had ended his life quickly enough. then we passed three people trying to perform CPR on another man laying out on the road. A bit further there was a dog lying by the side of the road, all shot up. When we got to the next town, we found out there had been a fight between the two Mexican Drug Cartels. We had missed it. But by how much? And how did we ever even think to stop and have ice cream instead of going straight through? How close did we come to being in the middle of the whole battle? Having God on your side is worth it! Take my word for it!

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