Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Unrelenting Tide

Devynne Lang...Shania Hane. It doesn't really matter which name and identity she takes, there is still someone out there watching her.
Shania Hane is a famous movie star, but when a stalker becomes dangerous, she disappears in a plane crash, leaving behind a heartbroken following.
When a few years later, Devynne's husband is killed, she knows the stalker has found her again, and she is forced to raise her little daughter, Marissa, with a gun in her night stand drawer, and every sense on high alert.
Carcen Lang is her brother-in-law. A police officer like her late husband, Kent, Carcen has made it his responsibility to protect Devynne and Marissa from the danger that stalks their lives.
In a world where even the tide is an overwhelming reminder of her situation can Devynne find a way to keep her trust in God strong? Can they catch the man who has spent years destroying everything Devynne holds dear? And can she and Carcen find the love that is seeking them out?
This book drew me in from the get-go. Lynnette Bonner's way of manipulating words to make you feel a part of the story makes this book more than worth the read. I've read other books by her, and I'm in awe of the amount of research and accuracy she puts into each book. A very worthwhile read, especially if you like intense mysteries with a nice little side of romance.


  1. As always, you write such a great review. Apparently, you read books with all your heart and mind! Very well done. Huigs!