Friday, April 2, 2010

Miraculous and Mundane

Have you ever been doing a mundane task, when the miraculous came and shocked you? It happened to me this morning. I was milking the cow. Many of you can testify that is not my favorite chore! At all! But I actually was sort of enjoying myself. I wasn't too cold, and the cow was behaving. I actually could almost fall asleep milking. ;)
Suddenly, there was a new sound in the barn. The sound of a new born goat. It reminded me of many things. Mainly, that every day, new things are born but many are never seen. Also, that in the middle of doing tasks that are not of our choice, we can wake up and see miracles. How many people in this world actually get to see an animal being born? Or even immediately after birth. And I was blessed in the small hours this morning, by seeing a little kid, just a little while after she was born. And if any of you are wondering, Hannah is almost as proud as the mama goat. It's the beginning of that season, and it happens every year, but isn't it a miracle that I woke up and saw that baby? I'm not about to forget this too quickly. I hope you all see miracles today! God Bless!


  1. That's wonderful! I am glad God gave you that special blessing today!

  2. Thanks for telling this story, Banjo. I really appreciate it! :P