Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring nights

Have you ever been outside on those nights when the stars have come out, and the wind is blowing so hard you can hardly stand up straight? I look forward to the end of spring and the beginning of summer with almost a passion.
To go outside on one of those nights, and sit where the wind can reach me freely. I can almost imagine the stars coming out and playing with me.
The thoughts that come to me on those nights are not always the same. But one that comes again and again every time I'm out there, is about the stars. God made all those stars and galaxies. He made all the universe in which I am tiny little dot of matter that can't be seen from very far away. The chance of me being known, much less cared for in this huge universe are minimal. In fact it's non-existant, and yet, God knows me, cares for me, protects me, and watches over me. What more could I ask? And I always end up crying for joy at that thought. He loves me, and he has a plan for me. And it's the same for each one of you. God bless!!


  1. I LOVE those windy spring nights!!! I LOVE wind.

    Yes, isn't that amazing that we who are so small and insignificant are loved by the King and Creator of the universe, that He will listen to our prayers and give us grace when we need it and allow us to have a personal relationship with Him.... It is such a thrilling thought!!

    Thanks for sharing! :-D


  2. I love watching the stars! In Africa on a cloudless night the stars are amazing!

  3. Your so right. And I too have seen the stars in an African sky. They are "too numerous to count." Breathtaking. Yes indeed, who are we that He would care for us? So glad He does! Beatutiful, Beth.

  4. The wind mixed with the stars are so beautiful. Thank you for the comments!