Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Saviour My King

Ok, I'm convinced. But only that I will never be left alone till I start this. ;) I still have no idea what I will write. For my first blog, I will post this poem from which the name for my blog came. This is the un-finished product. Much like this blog and it's author. :)

The blackness all around my feet
Rises and chokes my breath
Despair, and pain, and lonelieness
Darkness, shame, and death

I cannot see a bit of light
My heart slows, sick with dread
I'm all alone, no hope for me
On nails I seem to tread

There comes above a bit of light
Too dark to see it now
If I lose sight of my dark path.
My fall, it will be loud

Now comes another old path
Rough, and worn, but light
I think of turning off on it
Afraid to leave the night

Slowly my eyes follow the light
Up the path so hard
I look behind at darkness there
Then at my heart so scarred

I look ahead just one more time
How could I earn this light
How could I buy the love that shines
Down this hard path tonight?

I turn to go back to the dark
A hand grabs hold of mine
It pulls me back, to the light
Till all around me shines

Now I look up, who’s standing there
I cannot see his face
Just light and more light all around
Mercy, Justice, and Grace

How can he just accept me now
With all that I have done
How can he just say “Welcome Home
Your journey has begun”

My Saviour lives, oh yes, he does
I feel it sure as life
I know he’s let me in his heart
And washed clean every strife

Oh, Thank you Lord for every drop
Of blood that you supplied
Thank you for accepting me
The sinner, for whom you died.


  1. Lovely, It would make a good song.


  2. Beautifully written, Bethy! Hugs

  3. Thank you all,

    Yvonne, I might have my brother look at it. He is good at making the music to go alone with lyrics. :)